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POISON lyrics : "Mr. Smiley"

I heard a funny thing about me
Lately I've been living on the edge
I won't say that ain't true,

But who the hell are you
I don't recognize my own face or my friends.

Hey, Mr. Smiley
Read the writing

on the wall
Wake up, Mr. Smiley
Before you don't wake

up at all, up at all

Today, I hired me a yes man

He simply agrees with everything I say
He does all my dirty deals
And feeds me my pills

As long as I'm still breathing he gets paid



Yesterday I had a conversation

With all them voices in my head
One said I was no good
One said I should quit

One said to remind myself to get myself a fix


Hey Mr. Smiley
And I'm feeling ten feet tall

Bye Mr. Smiley
You got to go now, they just called, they just called

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa