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POISON lyrics : "Livin' In The Now"

Got no time to think about good intentions Don't wanna think about tomorrow Got no time to think about indiscretions Don't wanna think about past reflections Chorus 'cause I'm liv'in in the now, yeah Liv'in in the now Hold tight it'll be alright Hold tight it'll be alright Lock you in a cage A little unsure today Unkind thing to say Flies into a rage Chorus (2) Everyday is shorter than the day before saving for a rainy day is just a metaphor Chorus It's so easy to offend When venom is your friend Wounds can never mend And you don't try Chorus (2) Chorus (Solo) Now you watch me bleed 'cause you never did believe me Only to decieve with just one lie Chorus (2) Chorus x 2 out

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