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Pogues : Rain Street lyrics

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Pogues lyrics : "Rain Street"

The church bell rings
An old drunk sings
A young girl hocks her wedding ring

Down on rain street

Down the alley the icewagon flew

Picked up a stiff that was turning blue
The local kids were sniffin' glue
Not much else for a kid to do

Down rain street

Father mcgreer buys an ice cold beer

And a short for father loyola
Father joe's got the clap again
He's drinking coca-cola

Down on rain street

Bless me father I have sinned

I got pissed and I got pinned
And God can't help the shape I'm in
Down on rain street

There's a tesco on the sacred ground
Where I pulled her knickers down

While judas took his measly price
And st anthony gazed in awe at christ
Down on rain street

I gave my love a goodnight kiss
I tried to take a late night piss

But the toiled moved so again I missed
Down rain street

I sat on the floor and watched tv
Thanking christ for the bbc
A stupid $#&@ing place to be

Down rain street

I took my eileen by the hand

Walk with me was her command
I dreamt we were walking on the strand
Down rain street

That night rain street went on for miles
That night on rain street somebody smiled

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