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Featuring: Sean Garrett

Plies Street Light Lyrics:

[Intro: Plies - talkin']
Ay bae be4 you put yo clothes back on I wanna tell you sumthin you
done sumthin in yo life I ain´t done befo that´s

$#[email protected] a millonare.

[Chorus: x2]

Dam shawty you hotter then the street light (yeaaa)
You wanna get did right (yeaa)
Come on and get on it (come here)

I wanna know what´s making you ^^&$#* (come here)

[Verse 1:]

She neva seen me a day in her life
All she know my money look right
Yung street ^!$$% Sippin on yak

Yea she see the swagg
Plus she see the ice
Sittin in the chevy

Listing to the pipe
Passion co goon ^!$$% life ^!$$%s wish fo it but this is my life
She walk real stank dats wat I like jeans stickin to her,

#[email protected] look rite she get in this whip ain´t no###in back
cause I´m pretty sure I got wat you like can´t even front you
hotter than the street light

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
She say she don´t $#[email protected] with broke ^!$$%s I said me too my money
been straight wat about you cause if you broke I don´t need to

$#[email protected] with you bull%#@! neva I make drea, s### tru you say yo
man at work baby wat he do answer fones for a livin ain´t dat
cute I´m in tha streets with a nine n he wearin suits

Befo he $#[email protected] you do he fanga you n eat you, you got da
potential of bein my boo n bout 30 minutes I can get you loose
make you nut twice befo I shoot you hotta than the street lite

to tell you da truth

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Sean Garrett - talkin']
Soon as you called me you begged me to### ova dere but you kno

dat you ^!$$% is at home n it´s gonna be sum %#@! if I appear
you kno it ain´t no fears so### on baby be 4 real I´m sure dat
your ^!$$% go carry on an put on and I´m a have to take it dere

as soon as the street lights### on
I´m a come get ya as soon as the streetlights### on I´m a###
see ya soon as the streetlights### on I´m a### getcha soon as

the streetlights### on I´m a### se

[Chorus x2: till Plies says]


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