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PLIES lyrics : "Somebody (Loves You)"

[Chorus: x2]
Somebody loves you baby
Oh oh ooh

Somebody loves you baby
Oooohh, ooohh

[Verse 1:]
Wish I could hug every ^!$$% who done lost trail
And go see all da ones that visits inna while

To all da goons that's down Wish I can help em smile
To show my ^!$$%s I love em I'll walk a hundred miles
Bless my dawg who got killed in his own house

Help him pull through if they ont life support now
The only thang I live for is to make my son proud
My heart go out to all da young ^!$$%z that's runnin wild

I said ah prayer for all da mommas who done lost they child
That 12 year old who wanna $#[email protected] GOD slow it down
In life all dis? Help her to turn it round'

Please reach out nd Help her GOD before she drown


[Verse 2:]
I know dat feelin when it feel like nobody care

When you goin through yo problems itseems like nobody there
I started question myself, "If GOD really care"
Sometimes I cut off all the lights in the room and stare

Wonder if he bought me this far To drop me off here
I know it seems sometimes like Life ain't fair
They say the only thing u can count on in dis world is prayer

I prayed so much I thought that GOD could'nthear
Cause I done been through so much bull%#@! this pass year
It's hard to find mua$#[email protected] 90 Sincere

The streets make it so hard for u to think clear
I'd give up all dis %#@! To have my brother here


[Verse 3:]

I gotta call from my homegirl Her momma died
Somebody home invaded nd took her momma life
I just held the phone n listened to her cry

She kept repeating herself All she asked was "why"
Could only imagine what she goin through on the inside
Cause when my brother went to prison Half me died

Ain't nuttin but pressures in the world homie they lyin'
U gotta take da good with da bad and take it and stride
The right amount of pressure could make u commit suicide

But imagine the pressure onna ^!$$% who can't provide
When everything goin wrong it's hard to do right
You goin through it right now

All I wanna say is...


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