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PLIES lyrics : "Real Life"

Real life, real life, real life, real life


These ^!$$%s real on the tube on the mike ^!$$%
but #[email protected] ^!$$% ^!$$% I'm really real, real life ^!$$%
these ^!$$%s real rus them hoes and what they write ^!$$%

but #[email protected] ^!$$% ^!$$% I'm really real life ^!$$%.
and real life, real life, and real life, real life
let me tell you some I'm really real life ^!$$%

these ^!$$%s real on the tube on the mike ^!$$%
but #[email protected] ^!$$% ^!$$% I'm really real life ^!$$%.

I'm everything puss I ever planned to said our meal,
I know a lot of ^!$$%s think that I know a lot of deal
but I don't hatin with the #[email protected] they don't wanna them

and if you test me for this real and test it positive,
and if you brought me in the pot I bet I rocked them
and if you put me on the stand I better stand up

and if you put me rise the p**sy better on..then
and you can put me on my dick I better come up again
a lot of ^!$$%s play in silent ^!$$% (*##$ man,

a lot of ^!$$%s talking..^!$$% fabricate,
I see a lot of ^!$$%s out of holla mud to mud
but when the last time you squeeze the chopper motherf*cker


Yeah it ain't real motherf*cker it ain't imaginary
^!$$% I'm whackin off the trill but ain't bar faking,
oh all ^!$$% take anything you $#[email protected] wanna

but after #[email protected] ^!$$% why you never ran upon me,
I switchin deals and it ain't talking in the car..
I'm talking chains the cars choppin I spit boy

it ain't talking bout not rapping I'm talking stick boy
so hundred $#[email protected] round pack the one clip boy
and on top #[email protected] I'm coming off the hill with it,

I'm talking if I'm jumping ^!$$% I'm talking sick with it
I'm talking round after round (*##$ I'm steady got it
I'm talking clip after clip (*##$ I'm steady comin'

[2 x Hook:]

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