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PLIES lyrics : "Paranoid"

Something finna happen bih, I can feel it bih [x2]

I'm para para para para noid

I'm para para para para noid
Deze hoes got me paranoid
Deze ^!$$%hs got me paranoid

Da police & da mutha$#[email protected] feds got me paranoid

[Verse 1:]

Mutha$#[email protected] da world
Cuz da world is evil
Just bought me a new 40

I call dat (*##$ da sequel
Dat why I don't goto church
Cuz I cant trust the preacher

I don't $#[email protected] hoes at my house
Cuz I can't trust dem neither
I see a car wit 10 on it

I think its dem people
Cuz keep yo %#@! 100
Dat %#@! must be illegal

Da feds dun picked up 20 ^!$$%hs
Now dey got me peepin
I heard dem ^!$$%hs rob

Dat why I keep on reachin
And while I'm ridin dolo
Cuz muh$#[email protected] sneaky

I don't talk around ^!$$%hs
Dats how %#@! be leakin
I keep behind dem toolies

I got my $#[email protected] reasons
And why I ain't superfriendly
Cuz (*##$ I ain't no deacon


[Verse 2:]
A ^!$$%h called my phone
I feel he tawkin crazy

Tawkin bout his plug
And how he can whip a baby
I hung up on dat ^!$$%h

Well (*##$ dis ain't da 80's
I bet I hit you long
And dat ain't how you play me

A (*##$ dat stop my car
Tawkin bout she pregnant
(*##$ you tryna come up

I don't understand dat language
Cuz me & you never $#[email protected]
Ain't never got you naked

You sucked my dick & jacked me off
And after dat I fainted
(*##$ you picked the wrong one

Cuz I can make you famous
I cant trust deze hoes
I don't know what dey thinkin

Police lurkin hard
Got me scared to drive
Oprah tried to pull me

I'm paranoid at high


[Verse 3:]
Who da $#[email protected] to trust

Cuz friends done got shady
Cuz one of my lil homies
$#[email protected] my other dawg lady

I ain't gone tell him %#@!
Cuz he gone think I'm hatin
My cousin robbed his big brother on 380

Da streets done got slow
So everybody taken
Most of da ^!$$%hs in da county

Got everybody shaken
Dem ^!$$%hs droppin names
Dependin what dey facin
Its 4o'clock in da morning
I'm in da crib pacin

Nobody out here is safe
Cuz %#@! out here ain't gravy
Cuz dawgs been crossin dawgs
Dats da %#@! dat been goin on lately
Everybody got a mask

(*##$ out here like jason
I can be in da bed
Got dat (*##$ on safety


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa