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PLIES lyrics : "Money Bag"

Ft. Problem

Came through stunting with a money bag

Keep them sucker ^!$$%s in my rear view
Stay loud, hater, I can't hear you
Bought a new crib with the hill view

Squad god more green than the field do
Holla out, salute to my real troops
Head busting when we come through and peel roof

Got my (*##$ a new weave, it's a deal booth
Throwing big green at a steel coupe
Shined up, never need to touch it

And we ain't filling y'all, like an empty bucket
You fish just text like an empty socket
And I just dropped a fifth so I'm extra nutty

So I burp on my way, no one, no day
The west is behind me like my name Kanye
Fly everyday, no gotty pass

And I came through stunting with a money bag
Came through stunting with a money bag

Picture me? No, sir! With a Mac, 90 wrap, with a D, sir
Stay course side, with a (*##$ war
Got bomb money on me if they do call

$#[email protected], [email protected]$@, you don't know me!
When you roll like that, you try to rob me?
If you with me and you don't shoot

Then be man enough not to $#[email protected] ask soon
I made a call to a (*##$ that got a boyfriend
A finger in her #[email protected], talking to her boyfriend

Got a Porsche in my pocket, all C-Notes
Got a face in my lap, all dick up
Still $#[email protected] a (*##$ in my by-C

Giddyup, on the floor, right beside me
Said a dick in er chest, I told her my bad!
One of you gon'leave with a %#@! bag

I roll with my brother when he with me
Put a whole fifth, now the [email protected][email protected] dead

Got a stack eye paired, got a best sale,
I ain't coming out your mouth 'till your boat here
You ain't $#[email protected] with me, [email protected][email protected], you got little money,

I ain't $#[email protected] with you neither, being told on me
I am grand on this end, ain't %#@! a hundred
Put a dope I don't wanna see the troll coming

All you [email protected][email protected] being broke, better tighten up
All you hoes ain't $#[email protected], better bite up
Look how she looking at me, wanna eat a [email protected][email protected]

Them [email protected][email protected] gotta (*##$, we the [email protected][email protected]!
Better snap out, or you get left, foul!
Can't get your (*##$ pregnant, she on death row.

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