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PLIES lyrics : "Model"

[Talking: Plies]
How ya'll say It up north? no home
I looked in da mirror dis morning bro

And I said I'm finna give dis rapping %#@! up bro
(*##$ I look to handsome to be rapping
(*##$ I'm a model

(*##$ I'm a model

Called a photographer
Dressed like I'm going to a photo shoot partner
(*##$ I'm a model

Millionaire Posture
Jewelry cost me over one million dollars
(*##$ I'm a model

G Q starter
Everything I do watch these other ^!$$%s follow
(*##$ I'm a model

No ^!$$% hotter
Later on tonight I'm $#[email protected] somebodys daughter

[Verse 1:]
I look so good good good good good
And I am from the hood hood hood hood hood

These hoes pouring love love love love love
My gear is off the hook hook hook hook hook
I look like a model, 7 days a week

I am to clean, hell na I can't speak
12 hundred on the jeans
5 hundred on the feet

3 goon chains a hundred 40 thousand dollars each
400 20 thousand, I can show you the reseat
You can tell how I walk I was made for T.V.

You can tell by the jewels I am some-bod-dy
I am the sharpest ^!$$% living who the $#[email protected] you supposed to be


[Verse 2:]

Look like I am on the run run run run way
And I am the %#@! what else the $#[email protected] I'm posed to say
You can catch me in that Mazerati later on today

with 200 thousand worth of jewelry on, ok
and who is my designer? I don't really wanna say
and I only do 40 when I'm on the highway

so you can see that candy candy candy candy spray
and I want you to see this handsome handsome handsome face
and I had hoes way before I was rich

but now that I got money I got millions I can pick
Cause money make most of these broads $#[email protected] quick
and I am so fly I can't help it


[Verse 3:]
I need to be on the cover of a $#[email protected] magazine
cause I am the handsomest ^!$$% you $#[email protected] seen

I am so dope put me on the triple beam
ammo on my waste I got them racks up in my jeans
call me Mr. Lysol da boy is so clean

catch me in the club you would think I'm on a bean
I am really loaded 60,000 in my jeans
and I feel safe, I got shooters on my team


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