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PLIES lyrics : "Letter To The Industry"

Aye bae I need you to type
This letter real quick
It's tuesday 4:24 a.m.

I got a few things
I wanna go over and discuss
I wanna send a copy to the industry

Let these ^!$$%s know how I really feel
I hope there's enough
Ink in this mother$#[email protected]

Make sure I got enough v.s.o.p.
Make sure I got enough reefer
Cause I'm a be here a minute

It's gon be a long night

Think I'm in the wrong place

Thought I was in
The music business
Lotta you ^!$$%s doin music

But ain't nobody doin business
Everybody want favors
Who you ^!$$%s $#[email protected] kiddin?

My brother went to prison ^!$$%
Ain't none of you ^!$$%s
$#[email protected] visit

A ^!$$% want me on his album
Take care of $#[email protected] business
Paper work, artist splits

That's how you know the
Business finish
Labels got you ^!$$%s fooled

Got you thinkin it's y'all pennies
A lotta you ^!$$%s is music [email protected]^%s
Cause y'all ^!$$%s don't get it

I don't understand you ^!$$%s though
Cause all I hang
Around is (*##$es

Soon as you make a (*##$ mad
First thing she do is twist it
A (*##$ don't get what she want

Sencond thing she do is flip it
$#[email protected] ^!$$%s tell lies
Real ^!$$%s pay attention

Two ^!$$%s beef with me
One hot, one isn't
No awards, filthy rich

Guess what? ain't trippin
Ol g's og
Cause them ^!$$%s

Control their feelings
Killers kill and killer don't
Tell you ^!$$%s that they killin

A ^!$$% that tell the story first
The ^!$$% don't pay
No $#[email protected] tention

^!$$%s lie for one reason:
To boost they mother$#[email protected] image
You hear a ^!$$% droppin names

The project comin out in a minute
The only name's you ^!$$%s say
The one that the streets feelin

You want street cred?
You got to go in the streets
And go an get it

And ^!$$%s that talk the most %#@!
The main ^!$$%s
That ain't authentic

The rar rar ^!$$%
He the same ^!$$%
In court snitchin

The game real simple homey
It's all talk and no killin
A bunch of ^!$$%s that sit around

And try to come up with gimmicks
If you was real homey
You'll know what's real

And what isn't
Ain't never rapped about
A ^!$$% in prison
That I ain't went and $#[email protected] visit
3 albums and ain't drop

One name still with it
Told you ^!$$%s from day one
"#[email protected] ^!$$%, I ain't friendly"
Real ^!$$%s can't be emulated
And y'all try to $#[email protected] bill it

I keep my eyes on you ^!$$%s
And $#[email protected] with you
From a distance
My principles is non-negotiable
Point, blank, period!

It's kinda hot in this mother$#[email protected]
But we got the a/c on
Baby you actin like your fingers hurt
Alright I got that little %#@! out the way

I got some more %#@! for you to type

Last ^!$$%s got shot
Sued me for ten mill
Some more ^!$$%s playin gangster

I found out that wasn't real
Them yoppers started goin off
Everybody $#[email protected] squeal
^!$$%s go from playin gangster
To tellin who the shooter is
I don't know a ^!$$% that rob
That bring is camera

To the crime scene
Me somewhere without a couple shooters
You $#[email protected] kiddin me?
^!$$%s win oscars off of actin
And I see
A ^!$$% try anything
To trick you off

These $#[email protected] streets
A ^!$$% try it all
Just to sit down
In your $#[email protected] seat
Bein hot? I know about it
I been that since '03
Goon inpersonators

Is all you $#[email protected] ^!$$%s'll ever be
You either one of two things:
You either groupies or the police

Ah man, it's gettin kind late
But before I go
Type this %#@! right here

I charge 40, 000
I'm really worth 60
This market was kind of slow
Only did a quarter milli
I'm hotter right now
Then any ^!$$% who ever diss me

Know why you mad
Cause I'm hotter than you
In your city
Been in the streets
Say ounce goin for 550
My dog just came home
Bought him the 760
"oh plies must be scared,
Keep his security with him"
Security for you ^!$$%s
My security for these (*##$es
A million dollar ^!$$%
In a 30 dollar dickies
^!$$% I was totin choppers
When ^!$$%s was riding 20's
^!$$%s was on e&j
^!$$% I was drankin remy
Was it a 745?
Fore ^!$$%s had hemmys
Benz on 4's dogs
Hummer 26s
I put the 8's on the drop
Got the 2's on the bentley
And ^!$$%s claim to hate me
But ain't got no holes in me
^!$$% I sell goon
^!$$% just say "how many? "
Ain't on a hundred songs
#[email protected] cause I ain't friendly
Bills: I got none
Money: I got plenty
Gutter, and never left
^!$$% is still in me
Say I'm her baby daddy
Well that's that (*##$ opinion

A man, I'm finna let you go on
Ahead and go home dog
I don't think you like to work
As late as I like to work
But I'm a finish this another time homey.

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