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PLIES lyrics : "I Wanna Fuck You (Remix)"

(feat. Akon, Snoop Dogg)

[Akon:] Convict!

[Plies:] Plies!
[Akon:] Convict...Music...and you know we a front.

[Chorus: Akon]
I see you windin n grindin up on that pole,
I kno u see me lookin' at you and you already kno

I wanna $#[email protected] you, you already know, i wanna $#[email protected] you, you already kno

[Verse 1: Plies]

I wanna sit u n da dark and sho u off to da goonz
and show u what a real ^!$$% wit money do
I'm caked up and well respected wit %#@! to prove

to be straight up with cha I wanna $#[email protected] u
I'm a street ^!$$% so u kno I aint got to many manners
want u to bust it open so I can drop tht dick in ya

I'm thug nd x-rated plus I'm a real ^!$$%
I wanna lay tht #[email protected] I dont want ur fone numba
I wanna take u to the crib and $#[email protected] u to sleep

I let u get a lil rest and wake u up and beatn
I bet a stack u aint met a ^!$$% $#[email protected] betta than me
and I have (*##$es swear 2 god I was on three


[Verse 2: Snoop]
Money in the air as mo feel grad you by your coat tail take you to the motel, hoe sale,
dont tell, wont tell, baby said I dont talk dogg but she told on me, oh well,

take a picture wit me, what the flick gon do, baby stick to me & ima stick on u,
if u pick me then ima pick on you, d-o-double g and im here to put this dick on you,
I'm stuck on #[email protected] n urs is right, wrip ridinin them poles and them doors is tight

and ima get me a shot for the end of the night cuz #[email protected] is #[email protected] and baby ur #[email protected] for life.


[Verse 3: Plies]
Let me fill u up wit liquor and $#[email protected] it out cha,

lay u flat on ur back and get tht noise out ya,
feel it in ya stomach tearin then back up out cha
I wanna hear u moan baby I wanna hear u holla,

dont worry about ya hair do I'll shoot u a few dollas,
just when u start ridin me get on them toes for me,
I dont like a quiet $#[email protected] so tell me how u want it,

u needa act like its yurr dick while u on it,
I kno I'mma freak baby nd im luvin dat,
now I needa get u on the same level where im at,

but when I get ya out there aint no turnin back,
and I'mma take u from likin' it to lovin sex.


[Verse 4: Plies]

And if the #[email protected] good I'll $#[email protected] ya a week straight,
and meet ya at ya crib and $#[email protected] u on ya lunch break,
cuz I'mma stay up in dat #[email protected] till ur numb babe,

and put tears in yur eyes and a smile on ya face,
gimme dat #[email protected] one time thts all it takes,
and I'mma treat u like a big girl okayy,

and I can tell u even then i can see ya legs shake,
and at tht point imma give it to u all the way,
cuz I'mma make u wanna $#[email protected] me erryday,

$#[email protected] me at ya own risk is wht I'm tryenna say,
cuz I'mma have ur nose? wide open after dis,
nd make ur panties get wet wen u think about the dick,

u wanna leave me alone but u cant quit,
wheneva I aint in that #[email protected] u feel sick,
the more times I get it the better it get,

so next time u see me think about dis dick


[Verse 5: Akon]
Shorty I can see u aint lonely handfull of ^!$$%s n they all got cheese,

so u lookin at me now whats it gonna be just another tease far as I can see,
tryin get u up out this club if it means spendin' a couple dubs,
throwin bout 30 stacks in the back make it rain like that cuz I'm far from a scrub,
u kno my pedigree, ex-deala use to move phetamines,
girl I spend money like it dont mean nuthin n besides I got a thing for u.


[Verse 6: Snoop]
Mobbin' through club in low pressin im sittin in the back in the smokers section (just smokin),

birds eye, I got a clear view, you cant see me but I can see u (baby I see u),
its cool we jet the mood is set,
your #[email protected] is wet u rubbin your back and touchin your neck,
ur body is movin' u humpin' n jumpin' ur [email protected]%$ is bouncin' u smilin' n grinin' n lookin at me.

[Verse 7: Akon]
Girl n while your looking at me im ready to hit the caddy right up on the patio move the patty to the caddy,
baby u got a phatty the type i like to marry wantin to just give u everythin n thats kinda scary,
cuz I'm lovin the way you shake your $$# , bouncin', got me tippin' my glass,
lil' mully dont get caught up to fast but i got a thing for you.

[Chorus x2]

[Akon:] Girl...

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