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PLIES lyrics : "I Jus Want Da Paper"

I Just Want Da Paper I Just I Just Want The Paper I Just I Just I Just I Just I Just...

[Hook] I Just Want The Paper [Repeat]

[Verse 1]

I'm On Some Other %#@! ^!$$% I don't Want No Rap Friends
Cause U $#[email protected] ^!$$%z Pocket Watchas And I Aint With Da Plan
That's Why I Keep You ^!$$%z Out My Face Much As I Can

Cause I'll Be Done Kill One Of You #[email protected] ^!$$%z In The End (#[email protected])
I'd Like To Thank All U $#[email protected] ^!$$%z Who Done Went Commercial (Ha Ha)
Cause Yall Made My Job Easier And Das Fa Certain (Eazy)

Don't Try To Come Back To These Now U Start Hurtin (Naw)
Put Yo Ears To The Street Plies Done Close The Curtain (Closed It)
I Got The Real ^!$$%z On Lock I Done Served My Purpose (Real ^!$$%z)

Write Anotha Diss Record Cause The Last One Aint Workin (Ha Ha)
U $#[email protected] ^!$$%z Keep Snitchin, Goons Keep Murkin (Keep Murkin)
And U can't Find a lot Of $#[email protected] ^!$$% Nann One Of Ma Verses (Nann One)

I Just Want The Paper I Jus I Jus Want The Paper [Repeat]

[Verse 2]
I Got ^!$$%z Dats Locked Up That Need Lawyers (Need Lawyers)
If I can't Make That Happen Fa Em Then I Aint Really Ballin (Aint Ballin)

Gone Run Ya 50 Stacks Or Better $#[email protected] Wit Murder Charges (50 Stacks ^!$$%)
And The Lawyer Want Half Of That For He Even Get Started (Get Started)
And If That Break Me Then $#[email protected] It I Keep Real Shawty (Keep It Real Shawty)

And Ima Keep Grindin So My ^!$$%z Can Keep Callin (Keep Callin)
And U Lil $#[email protected] ^!$$%z Round Here Aint Want Ya'll To Keep Talkin (Ha Uh)
Need Yall To Speak Up A Lil Bit Cause I'm Way Up Here Shawty (#[email protected] Azz ^!$$%)

Jus Drop 2 Birds On The Chevy I Need Dat Bac (Need Bac)
And To Do It The Right Way Itz Gone Run Ya Bout 40 Stacks (Everytime)
Jus Like Da Hummer On 6's ^!$$% On Top Of That (Slidin On6's)

Think I Got Time To Argue With U Lil $#[email protected] ^!$$%z On Wax (Naw)
But We Can Shot It Out In The Streetz I'll Make Time Fa That (Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop)
And Why Yo Mind On Me I'm Out Here Gettin Checks (Out Here Gettin Checks

And Still Thuggin It Keepin It Real In The Process (In The Process)
Ima Be The First To Get A Mill And Keep His Hood Respect (Believe It)

[Verse 3]
Mo Money Mo Problems ^!$$%z Mo Guns (Mo Guns)
The Mo Money I Get The Mo I'm Buyin Drugs (The Mo I'm Buyin It)

Watchin The News Mo Dead Bodyz Still To Come (Watch The News)
The Mo ^!$$%z That Hate Me The Happy I Become (Ha Haaaa)
The Motha$#[email protected] That Hate The Ones With Nothin Goin (Nuthin)

And U Lil $#[email protected] ^!$$%z Tryna Win I Already Done Won (U Lil $#[email protected] ^!$$%z)
And Let Me Tell You Lil Rap Azz ^!$$%z Sumthin (Rap Azz ^!$$%z)
Show Me A Rap ^!$$% Who Done Did What I Done (Who)

You Got A Hot Song I Got 30 To Choose From (30 To Choose From)
You Doin Shows Fa Peanuts I'm 12 5 To 1 (12 To 5)
You Know How It Feel To Have A Hundred Thousand Dolla Month (A Hundred Thou

You $#[email protected] ^!$$%z Still Got Neezy's I Got Ones (Ha Ha)

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