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PLIES lyrics : "Got 'em Hatin"

(feat. Nitti)


It's A Nitti Beat... Hey
Hey Plies, Wassup? They Said You Got It On Lock Down There My ^!$$%, Hey
They Said You Gettin Bout 20 Stacks A Motha$#[email protected] Show, Right?

This Yo First Album, (Wow), You $#[email protected] Wit Yo Boy Nitti Right? (That's Right)
Cuz We're Live Again, From Ghettoville, Usa That Is, Yo Plies, You Ready?

[Verse 1:]
Seven Days A Week, A Full Time balla,
A Thug And A Goon, Whatever You Wanna Call It,

You Hatin For Nothin, Cuz I'ma Get Money regardless,
You Tryin To Catch Lil Mama, I Already Done Caught Her.

You Want The 26s, Huh, I Already Done Bought Em,
You Can't Do What I Do And That's Part Of The Problem,
I Got The Haters Goin Crazy I Ain't Trying To Stop Em,

You Want The Streets, Huh Dog, I Already Done Locked Em.

You Love Blue Diamonds, Already Done Copped Em,

You Always Talk About K's, But Ain't Never Shot Em,
I'm Certified And Real, Lil Homey You A Flawer,
You A Full-Blown Hater, That's What I Call Em.

I'm In The Donk On Sixes And Stay (Got Em Hatin),

$#[email protected] The Broad That He Wanted (Now I Got Em Hatin),
His Paper Game Ain't Been Right Lately (Got Em Hatin),
My Jewelery Game Amazin (Now I Got Em Hatin).

I'm In The Donk on Sixes And Stay (Got Em Hatin),
$#[email protected] The Broad That He Wanted (Now I Got Em Hatin),

His Paper Game Ain't Been Right Lately (Got Em Hatin),
You Ain't Doin Somethin Right If You Ain't (Got Em Hatin).

[Verse 2:]
I'm The Man In My City, You Just Live Here,
You Just Got In The Streets, I've Been Out Chea,

You Still Dreamin About It, I Did It In A Year,
You A #[email protected] So I Know You Hate Me Off The Rip.

You Can't Move How I Move, You Ain't Got Chips,
I Can Blow It And Don't Miss It, Got Grip,
I Can Merc You When I Wanna, Cuz I Got Clips,

30-Round Extended .380 On The Hip.

Heard You Was Cryin When You Was Locked Up, You A Trip,

I Know The Goons That Robbed You, You Ain't Done %#@!,
You The One That Told, You The One Soft As %#@!,
Now You Walkin Round Like You Had Closed Lips.

In The Back Of Yo Mind You Wish Plies Wadn't Real,
Ain't Never Been A Hater, I Don't Know How It Feel,

If You Know Like I Know, Lil Homey, Better Chill,
Or You Gon' Have Them Bushes Movin In Frontcha Crib.


[Verse 3:]

Some Wanna See Me Broke, Some Wanna See Me In The Feds,
The Haters Hate You When You Livin, Love You When You're Dead,
He Just A Bad Rapper, He Ain't Blew Yet,

The Streets Don't Feel Him, I Ain't Have To Go Through That.

I'm On Fire In The Streets, Just Got My Feet Wet,

And You Don't Think I'ma Sell A Mil', Then Take The Bet,
I'm Just One Of Few Who Ain't Went Commercial Yet,
I Want You To See Me Dats Why I Got The Top Back

You Got No Choice To Talk About Me, Look How I Act,
And Why Plies So Wired If He Got Stacks

He Got A Hundred Goons Around Him When He Rock His Ice,
If You Ain't Thuggin, You Won't Understand The Thug Life.

[Chorus: To Fade]

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