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PLIES lyrics : "Feet To The Ceiling"

I got her feet to the ceiling (9x)

I'm standin up in her
I'm droppin nothin but d**k in her
Got me on that XO tonight so

Ima long d**k her
Hard like a roll of quarters
I got that long in her

Legs in the air and I'm hittin that p***y the dead center
Back of her thighs
I got em up on my shoulders

Nut, I feel it comin but naw,
I think Ima hold it
Lookin at her square in the face her eyes rollin

She yelling like a ^!$$%
Its' killin her but she soakin
Hittin deep down in that p***y I got her talkin

P***y go to bitin so hard I tell her pause it
I aint tryna disrespect it just let me dog it
Naw naw naw don't push me up out it shawty

I'm a couple strokes in, I think
I'm catchin my rhythm
She know the cat good,

I can tell by how I'm hittin her
I'm a performer mutha$#[email protected]**
I love bein in the mirror

Got her pinned down to the bed but I got her feet to the ceiling

VERSE 2: I got her pinned up good and
I aint gone let her move
Standin up on my toes

I'm paintin her $$# too
She sweatin like a b**** even though we in a dew
I'm laughin like a b**** cause

I aint even much through
I told her don't move now, just keep em up in the air D*** so good she think
I'm $#[email protected]** her bare

I aint trippin though if the p**** got a lil hair.
The main thing though, it got no wear-n-tear
Legs in the air, I call that in the buck

Press on her legs,
Im tearin her $$# up
She call a ^!$$% name out, that's what cranks me up

Now she talkin with her eyes closed yelling out what?
"Paint me" (yeah I got her yelling out)
"Paint me" ( yea I got her yelling out )

"Paint me" (yea I got her yelling out)
"Paint me", yea I got her feet to the ceiling


VERSE 3: I got her spread on nice she hangin off the bed

Now I really finna paint her, she holdin her own legs
Got the pillows stacked up so she don't hit her head
Just teasin her right now, just $#[email protected] her with the head

I can hear how it smackin how I done got her wet
Well I cant even lie she got some good sex
I can tell how she runnin,

I'm damn there in her chest
Got her legs pushed back they damn near by her neck
Stop yelling for a minute and tell me

I'm the best
Let you breath for a minute, but I aint gone let you rest
Maybe one or two more of them nuts

Ima let you catch
After that %#@! happens, then mine I gotta catch
I done switched up on it now its all finesse

Got her eyes real big cause she don't know what's next I can do this all day and I don't need no rest Just gimme hip motion,
But keep ya feet to the ceiling.

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Thanks to maria.01215