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PLIES lyrics : "Faithful Feat Rico Love"

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Turn the lights on

[Verse 1: Plies]
Your #[email protected] so good
I wanna put alarm on it

Like baby food, I wanna put my tongue on it
If you's a stripper baby
I'd put the ones on it

I love getting on that liquor
And going dumb on it
I want it off the market

Put it in the freezer
And when I slide through
You can unfreeze it

You got flowers in
You got that good seed
Like being in the rain

You get wet easy

[Hook: Rico Love & Plies]

I swear the #[email protected] so good
I might $#[email protected] around and put something on it
She said what you got on it?

I said anything that you want girl
But if I buy them bags, buy them shoes, buy them purse
Then nobody better not be getting that #[email protected]

(Long as that #[email protected] faithful, whatever she want is paid for)
And if I paid them bills every month on the first
Then nobody better not be getting my #[email protected]

(Long as that #[email protected] faithful, whatever she want is paid for)
I swear you do it so good
I swear

Turn the lights on

[Verse 2: Plies]

You won't get the voicemail
I answer you first call
Even if your light red

We still talk
You're like sushi, baby
I give it to you straight raw

And I'm breaking bread, you the first off
You like Florida to me, you stay warm
I'm the real Energizer bunny

But the hood version I keep going
We start off with kisses
You hear me snoring

I show off your finesse
Then I hit you with bam bam bam


[Verse 3: Plies]

When it come to the snatch, you a poster child
When it come to get it in, you versatile
When it come to the threads, got your own style

When it come to me, though
Make you throw in the towel
Your back cute, your $$# better

My ex was good, but you even better
Need to run for office, the White House
If it's bout how good your sex is, you gon' win hands down


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