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PLIES lyrics : "Bid Long (Aint Comin Home)"

[Plies talking:]
Ay dog dis one here for all mutha $#[email protected] ^!$$%z dats locked up dog
all my ^!$$%z who biddn in prison my ^!$$% a lot of ^!$$%z

fogot about cha but I aint fogot about cha


I got some ^!$$%z in prison dat aint comin home and dey main hoe done put a block on da phone and all da ^!$$%z dey was runnin
Wit done left em lone mutha $#[email protected] foget bout cha when ya bidin

[Verse 1:]
Wat can a young ^!$$% 19 do wit 40 yrs

Not a mutha $#[email protected] thang but hope for an appeal
Dem crackas givin ^!$$%z mo time den dey done lived
Where im from deez crackas hidin ^!$$%z at da crib

I asked my homeboy how da $#[email protected] do you do 40
He told me you just do it u don?t think about it
Dem crackas don?t sell licks in prison u gotta think bout it

Well like he told me tyme aint tha thang hurts tha most
The mu $#[email protected] dat forget bout cha that u thought was close
If he had to do it all again he woudnt even take it 2 da doe

I told he aint got to tell me cuz I already kno
He thought he had hiself som soldiers on da front row
Well like told him you aint breakin bread no mo

N deez streets dats all a ^!$$% care 4
Da real ^!$$%z n deez streets r tha all tyme low
And deez hoes n homeboys aint ridin no moe

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Nobody care about cha when u aint got %#@! to give
But when ya got it they love ya wen ya out of here

They waz my ^!$$%z when they waz out n they my ^!$$%z now
Right now they need me the most so I got to help em out
I turn my back on dem dat mean im da #[email protected] ^!$$% den

N me bein flaw iz somthin I don?t believe n
Der ^!$$%z everyday that?s gettin lost n da system
Tha $#[email protected] up part about dont nobody miss em

Own brother cant even tell me where the crackas shipped em
Told me that wit a straight faze n kept dippin
Im looking at dog like man dis #[email protected] ^!$$% trippin

Ya own brotha ya cant tell me where tha crackas shipped em
Love don?t love nobody da streetz $#[email protected] up
Dats why I pray everyday dat I don?t get jammed up

To b honest witcha im scared to find out wats wat
Tha ones that let ya down the ones ya loved so much

[Chorus x2]

Wat happin to ^!$$%z acceptin a couple fone calls

N wat happin to ^!$$%z sendin flicks to dey dawg
Ya dawg down bad right now gone break em off
Ya got to answer hiz calls for yall to even talk

N like yo can call him %#@!t wen ya wanna talk
Som ^!$$%z doin time right now dat aint dey fault
N dis world it?s a black law n its a white law

A street ^!$$% dawg we don?t die of old age
A street ^!$$% dawg we die 1 or three wayz
We get shot, die n prison , or we die of age

I kno its already written how imma leave ya one day
But all da ^!$$%z locked up I pray 4 ya every day

[Chorus x2]

Ay dawg itz a lot of good mu $#[email protected] ^!$$%z locked up dawg

Its a lot of ^!$$%z dats locked up dat wen dey wuz out of here
My ^!$$% dey took care of a lot of u mu $#[email protected] man
Made sure a lot of yall waz good dawg its a lot of ^!$$%z doin tyme

Becuz of some of da mu $#[email protected] out here dawg
N now wen a ^!$$% get locked up man
Yall cant make sure dawg got cantine money

Yall cant make sure yall send dawg flicks man
Yall cant cept dawg fone calls man
Ya put a block on da phone cuz ya $#[email protected] anotha ^!$$% man

Dawg keep it real wit ya self homie
If dawg looked out 4 ya n took care of u my ^!$$%
For 2 3 years while u waz out of here dawg
The atleast u can do iz take care of dawg 2 or 3 yrs dawg

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