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PLIES lyrics : "Baking Soda"

Ft. Tyga


All I need is baking soda
Drop a four in the pot, make an ounce to a rock
Put it to your left

All I need is brown water
Heavy on the block, hit the strips, set up shops
Stay with a Glock

All I need is anehem
Hot chopper with a bend that'll make a ^!$$% $$# shape
Grip the handle,

All my %#@! crack, ^!$$%
All my %#@! crack, ^!$$%
You ought to watch a [email protected][email protected] out here

And put cut on the yogurt,
We gon'sell you something that won't turn over
Hit y'all with a flip flail,

Beat the $#[email protected] off your cask
Now you're looking with your mask
And the games that I don't play,

And took a loss in a minute,
[email protected]^% trapping a [email protected][email protected] $$#, gotta feel it
I ain't spared nobody

Keep a head on the swift liner
%#@! is got real creep,
Everybody out here tryna eat

Young [email protected][email protected] wild and all
See, you don't wanna ride with them
When it come to the cash I feel them

Breaking no loses
Everything gotta count
Breaking mine, I'll die to the ounces

All I need is a big lick, big chain,
Big practice, yeah, all I do is big things

All I need is baking soda
And the funk, are you scared
That these [email protected][email protected] don't see you?

All I need a bad (*##$
Who will suck me on the row
So I don't fall asleep driving with the dope

I'mma tell you what I don't need
And that's some [email protected][email protected] in my business
When I go to Carpoon take him with me

That's a lesson that I did learn
And the cracker get behind me,
Don't you turn off, [email protected][email protected] they will fool you

One thing that I d know, if they ask
And they search you, in your car,
You better tell them hand over

While my lawyer ain't with me,
Mother$#[email protected] ain't talking
I got a mother$#[email protected] ? in my pocket

If I get another cradle,
She will love me in the morning,
Look, I got me feeling like I'm Tony,

Take a look at me, I'm bad guy
Mother$#[email protected] don't want that,
I ain't never crossed a [email protected][email protected] who didn't

Have it coming
All my %#@! crack, ^!$$%

All my %#@! crack, ^!$$%

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