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PLIES lyrics : "ALL BLACK"

[Chorus x2]
I´m on sum otha %#@! I´m dressed in all black I´m
with my ^!$$%s dem an all of us strapped We on

that killa %#@! sumbody gettin wacked you kno I
mean business wen I´m in all black

[Verse 1:]
It ain´t kno faking ^!$$% you see da key I´m in
baby nine on me easy to cuff it den I feel

invisible I´m on that cup of hen extended clip in
dis (*##$ shootin more den ten put on that black
tee took of dat polo man Try to slide on me an I´m

a spray yo $$# an in that back pocket I keep dat
black mask an let him run down I bet I flip his
ass I´m ridin tinted windows no more clear glass

one thing about me ^!$$% I don´t flag I keep on in
the head no time to @@#! at back You know I mean
business wen I´m in all black

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Heard it´s sum #[email protected] ^!$$%s round hear talkin
stupid you ^!$$%s playin gangsta Who you think you

foolin you must not kno me ^!$$% you did you kno I
pull it murk sum on sight You kno I $#[email protected] do it
put stacks on ^!$$% heads you kno ain´t nothin to

it I gotta sum young ^!$$%s who love drawin stupid
an 4 a stank ^!$$% they will leak yo body fluid fo
25 huned they will get real stupid shoot at you

for 30 days ^!$$%s with dat $#[email protected] ozzy these
^!$$%s terrorize until I tell em cool it thanks to
you $#[email protected] ^!$$%s you kno I keep that $#[email protected] tooly

I´m dressed in all black jus like a scary movie

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Jus had a dream dawg killed my first rap ^!$$% I

hit him with dat yoppa it was such a sad picture I
let dat yoppa go hit him with five quick ones All
head shots shoot nothin but straight missles r.I.p

dawg rest in peace #[email protected] ^!$$% I perfer yoppas
cause dem bullets get dere quicker I´ve ben
attracked to them since I was little I dressed in

all black jus like a $#[email protected] killa

[Chorus x2]

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