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Verse 1

I know im a stranger to you now

im not gonna try to make excuses
but i was the one who used to make you smile
and i know that flowers would be useless

so i thought i'd sing you this song
to tell you i miss you and that i was wrong
ill take my chances


Hey love
i just wanted to say love
that i miss you with this song

and i hope you sing a long
but if this songs not enough
i just wanted to say hey love

Verse 2

we were just kids when we fell in love
i still have all the notes that you passed me
i remember it exactly how it was

if you dont all you gotta do is ask me
remember the pictures we used to trace
you told me your secrets and i kept them safe



back when kids still played outside

we would go and ride our bikes
we would use the moon as light
i would count and youd go hide

youd go hide
i hope i find you

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Thanks to maria.01215