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Planetshakers lyrics : "I'M GONNA PRAISE"

I know Youʼre for me

Youʼre not against me
You only have good thoughts about me
I know You love me

I know Youʼve called me
I know Youʼve got great things planned for me

Oh what a joy Youʼve given me
Your love has set me free
Jesus You are all I need

Iʼm gonna praise all of my days
Iʼm gonna lift Your name up high

'Cause You are worthy of all of the glory
Iʼm gonna lift Your name up high

Lord for all You've done (I'll praise Your name)
And for what's to come (I'll praise Your name)
I will give you praise (Everyday)

Every single day
I'll praise Your name, I'll praise Your name

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Thanks to maria.01215