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PLAN G lyrics : "Chill Vibes"

I got this smooth vibe
Every time I step up to the mic

I makes me feel alive every time I rhyme
So now I know I could never die
Even if I tried

But I'm plan g a kid in his teens
I'm trying relax you know just sit back and make some dope traks

I'm feeling laid back
And I'm trying forget about the word mad and sad
Tryna remember the meaning of glad

But it's drag you lnow man
But I gotta start from the genesis

I call that the floor plan
I gotta get out of mans land
So that why I rap so I cauld avoid all this crap

So I gotta keep bumping the chilled flow
I represent the west coast

I'm not trying boast
If you didn't no well now you know

Welcome to my zone were I've learned to grow
This track is fresher than a pack a mentos
And I'm here to build it up like some blocks of legos

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