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PIMP C : The Honey lyrics

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PIMP C lyrics : "The Honey"

(feat. Jazze Pha, Jody Breeze, Tela)

[Jazze Pha:]

Ladies and Gentlemen! (it's Pimpalation pimpin!)
Ladies and Gentlemen! (gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen!)
You are now tuned in to the best!

This here Jazze Fizzle... producshizzle!
Pimp C (ladies and gentlemen!)... Jody Breeze!

[Jazze:] If y'all ^!$$%z want the honey

[Jody:] Yeah!
[Jazze:] But I just want the money
[Jody:] Young chump change!

[Jazze:] Just fifties and them hundreds!
[Jody:] Girl I know you want me I'ma...
[Jazze:] Scoop ya in my Impala, new Gucci and that Prada, gotcha koochie by the collar

[Jody:] Well I'ma strip off ya clothes and lay ya down on the flo'
He $#&@ed the %#@! out that (*##$, I $#&@ed the fear out that hoe [x2]

[Jody Breeze:]
Yeah.. hey, uh oh there he go, look who slid through the door
It's ya dog Jody Breeze, I'm the %#@! on the low

Y'all ^!$$%z make me sick, spendin chips on a hoe
On the grind, tryna get it, I %#@! on a hoe
Off top, let 'em know, I'ma mack, I'ma pro

Matter fact, lemme hit it from the back later on
Baby, gon' bend it over, tune it up let me see
I ain't from Houston hoe, but I'm still a pimp, see?

All I drink is Hennessey, all I smoke is stickery
Hoes wanna get with me, but they ain't get %#@! for free
I'ma playa, you can tell, ATL where I live

I ain't with the kissin, hoes, Jazze Fizzle let 'em know


[Pimp C:]
Y'all ^!$$%z wanna lay, I wanna play in a (*##$ mind

If she, playin her Daddy, I will knock out her spine
I'm out here on the grind, 24/7 I'm gettin it
I'ma let them tricks eat it up (up!), I ain't trippin (*##$!

((*##$!) (*##$, bend over, let 'em see it girl (girl!)
Hoes in the club, like '96 showin ^!$$%z love (love!)
I used to be off in the Chi-C in Atlanta ('lanta!)

Young girls poppin @@#! out in Alabama ('bama!)
I seen it all from the pimps and the tricks (tricks!)
The real live boys, opening the #[email protected] stores (#[email protected] stores!)

I got respect for the flat backers (backers!)
Black, yellow, or crackers, keep ya Daddy ridin 'cause I'ma Cadillacer



Oh, he Tela in the change, I put the "G" in the game
Put the "P" in the pimp (pimp), brought back the blue to the flame (flame)
Break a (*##$ like a trig, write out some magical %#@!

And while I feel more slim, that ain't my starter (*##$!
Drop the top on the Rolls and roll under the sun
Throw my finger in the air like, "Kiiiddd! Hoe I'm the one!"

Got my gators and suits, multiple colors like fruit
Pimp aroma on my breath, Tropicana and goose
To the roots of pianos, see my moves she can't handle

H.B.O., ^!$$% hoe break up overtime Soprano
Diamonds up against panels of wood, it's all good
Lean back, candy 'llac gettin head on my hood (hood)


[Jazze Pha:]
Ladies and gentlemen! (gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen!)
Fizzle! Oh, yeah, you have now been entertained (Pimpalation pimpin!)

And you are now apart of the Pimpalation! (Pimpalation!)
You undersmell? Uh! There's a whole lot of devices that make this thing roll
know what I'm talkin 'bout!? (what you talkin 'bout Fizzle?)

Yeah, Jazze Fizzle, Sho' Nuff Records!
Pimp C, U.G.K. Records! Wood Wheel Records you know what I'm talkin 'bout!?
Rap-A-Lot mafia's behind this one, yeah!!
Wassup J!? Large mackin and sasquatch pimpin! Y'all know what it is!
Wassup Bun B!? Wassup International Red!? Oh boy!

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