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PIMP C : Pimp Is Free (Intro) lyrics

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PIMP C lyrics : "Pimp Is Free (Intro)"

Awwww yeah... back in the lab once again... with my ^!$$% Pimp C... you know Pimp we showed the world what it mean to unite... with the Free Pimp C movement.... and all the soliders that represented... we appreciate ya... to my ^!$$% Bun B that lead the ship... you showed em what keepin it real is all about...

and mamma.. yeah i said mamma...

your son is home out of the slave master system and we about to act real bad and make a bunch of money...

yo Pimp we been waitin on this one for a looong time... and since the pimp is free give us some of that ghetto dope procces in Port Aurthor... Texas

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