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PIMP C : Overstand Me lyrics

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PIMP C lyrics : "Overstand Me"

(feat. Chamillionaire, Trae)

[Hook: Pimp C]

Everybody rapping like they ballin and they rich
I see 'em in the streets, I ain't believing they %#@!
Every-everybody rapping like they ballin and they rich

I see 'em in the streets, I ain't believing they %#@!
Every-everybody rapping like they ballin and they rich
I see 'em in the streets, I ain't believing they %#@!

If they diamonds ain't shinin and they rollin K steel
While I'm grippin on the grain, sippin lean, and poppin pills

[Pimp C: over Hook]
Check one two, one two, (*##$!

I see your lips quivering but I don't hear nothing!
Man these ^!$$%z is Mr. Magoo man


[Pimp C:]

Everybody wanna be on some "Superfly" %#@! (%#@!!)
But I'm the closest thang to Priest that you gon' see (*##$!
I'ma pretty yellow ^!$$%, keep my finger on the trigger (trigger!)

Y'all know the scope, Polo !#@* HILFIGER! ($#&@ Hilfiger!)
I see you ^!$$%z on the slab, ya jewelry lookin funny (uh!)
Y'all ain't seeing no rap or no +Dirty Money+ (Dirty Money!)

I be in the streets lettin my nuts hang (hang!)
Boys wanna 'bang bang', ^!$$% it ain't no main thang (main thang!)
Coward ^!$$%z makin death threats (death threats!)

I leave ya #[email protected] and ya chest wet (wet!)
I ride around in P.A. one deep in a Bentley (uh!)
(*##$ if you 'bout it, come and $#&@ with me ($#&@ with me!)

But (*##$ you better bring an arsenal (uh!)
Because if you miss me you ain't gon' make it to the hospital! ((*##$!)
And if ya hit me, they gon' kill ya family

#[email protected] ^!$$% ain't gon' win, (*##$ do you overstand me?


Everybody actin like they ballin in this (*##$

Until a ^!$$% get up outta the drop and simply fallin on that Benz
83's, I'ma swang a swanger, with ice the price of a house
And I'm the truth, mutha$#&@ the rest, look at this 30 in my mouth

You in the presence of a playa, keep yo' cool 'cause I might go off
When I hop out, suicide roaring Gators, $#&@in yo' toes off
And I walk with a attitude like, "$#&@ them ^!$$%z, they can't see me"

I guess they love to ride my dick 'cause they watchin me like I'm TV
While these ^!$$%z out here rapping and capping 'bout what they got
or be the reason they get punched in the mouth and ran off the block

I ain't gotta say I'm ballin, (*##$ you see it on my wrist
Grippin grain, VVS on my fist and these haters pissed
They ice don't even shine like the watch that I got

Then again they never seen the size of the rocks that I got
Now getcha mind right, ^!$$% you a simp
Real recognize trill, so I'm $#&@in with the Piiimmmppp!!!


I ain't believing that... knalmtalkinbout, let's handle business baby!
Yeah... grippin on the grain (you know what it is!)


You ain't the truth and I'm talkin to you, ya jewelry sho' actin funny

Get it appraised for less than me when I'm wearin no ice ya dummy!
Better not think ya thinkin of ballin 'cause ya showed up at Johnny
Wrappin them hundreds on top of ones like it's a whole bunch of money

My golds white and sunny, you equivalent with "it depends"
Whether or not you knows the seventy thousand dollar difference
Fix ya lens, getcha spend, ya game been up and still pretend

that ya spend, dividends, don't pretend that yo' whip's a Benz
You talkin 'bout they slang and even got no thang
^!$$%z be talkin 'bout they swang and even got no swangs

Spent my broad, leave a complaint, I ain't gon' charge her to the game
Tellin that hoe to release a Visa, then I'ma charge her for a ring
Me and Pimp be ridin candy 'llac, that's a Cadillac my ^!$$%, matter fact
And I sold it to 'em, plus he had a track
So he grabbed the deck and then he added that

Them boys was frontin like they had the stacks
So my ^!$$% told me that they had the Jag
I picked the phone up and I handled that
That's multi-jewelry, let 'em have it back
[Hook: repeat 'til fade]

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