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PIMP C : I'sa Playa lyrics

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PIMP C lyrics : "I'sa Playa"

(feat. Bun B, Twista & Z-Ro)

[Pimp C:]

Hold up
Comin' down

Hold up
Smoke somethin'

[Verse 1: Pimp C]
Lately he been flippin' and, stayin' on the grind

Tellin' you that you fine, but he ain't spendin' no time
I be pourin' wine, tryin' to, knock out your spine
Make you mine, from behind, to some slowed down "Bump n' Grind"

His thang like a dirty Sweet, from off the street
My thang like a O' of indo, from Sacremento
Lately y'all been monkeyin', he, call you a (*##$

Keep me all up in yo' %#@!, tryina dig you a new ditch
Now I admit, that he rich, and that his money is good
Got my dicked sucked in his 'Six, I'm $#&@in' on leather and wood

I'm just a yougin' from the hood, with some dick if ya good
With him, you know that you shouldn't
With me, you know that you should

Go #[email protected] thug, like a glove when I push and I shove
Knock a dime out the climb, cause I ain't makin' love
See yo' man the type of guy, to get jealous and hit'cha

But me, I lick ya where he don't, and suck real hard on yo' nipple
My game is sharp as a cicle, she love my pickle
And if you gave her a dime, ^!$$% she gave me a nickle

So while you thinkin', she done jet, she got my dick on her mind
Keep on neglectin' yo' gal, young Pimp C be spendin' yo' time

[Hook: girl singing]
It's, liike

Sooome-thing's goin' wrong
Something's goin' wrong

Guess, we've
Been apart, too long
Beeeen, aaa-paart

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Well naturally, I have to be, dead serious, maybe not

Let me tell a tale about this broad that thought she played me out
Yes, I was impressed, by the sex in her $$#
W-U-I-S her, Versacci, down like Fran, dress her, bless her heart

She was a sweet-tart, but'cha never understood her point in our duo
Talkin' smart with' all that "you know", comin' with' he-say, she-say
From what she heard at the club, bout some chick that I had played on

Well (*##$, you should have stayed home
She mad cause I done told her girl off, but the (*##$ was wrong, and you
You gon' let these messy ho's $#&@ yo' world off

I tried to love her man, but see love is one thang, and dumb is anotha
Brotha, I'd be dumb to let her run thangs
I should've passed, but I was gassed, super-unleaded

And her nappy-headed $$# gon' regret it, remember I said it
Cause I'm, in a sublime, new state and frame of mind
Cause it'd be a crime, for me to waste my time

My time


It's, liike
Sooome-thing's goin' wrong
Something's goooooin' wrong

Guess, we've
Been apart, too long

Beeeen, aaa-paart

[Verse 3: Twista]

Did you ever think about who's $$# ya girl's was
Before the booty had became yours?
If a ^!$$%'s sane flows, you know everythang goes

$#&@in' in it til' it's colorful as rainbows
Sportin' furry Kango's, she can't go, rockin' paid shows
Paper hard to fold, plus I roll slick, keep talkin' %#@!
If you don't like me, it's most like-ly, cause I done holla'd at yo (*##$
Why she so thick? Tellin' lies and ya said to be believin' 'em

But I make her feel like "Uh-huh", can you do it? "Uh-huh"
But when I scoup her up, she know that I'm the one to make a [email protected]#%-cum
Gotta man, he a lame anyway, mother-$#&@ that stuff
Mad cause I snuck that love, baby don't bust that slug
So go on head roll up that bud, so we can $#&@

So wassup? Now we in the Suburb', submerged, watch a movie
Or bumpin' U-G, K %#@!, scoop a (*##$ or hit the booty
How the man, yea I knew g, but she don't usually, say %#@!
Cause the #[email protected] make a mother$#&@a wanna ball up and cry
Chicka-pow-pow, I love them thighs when I'm rollin' aside

I ain't gon' up and die, like the guy that we got high
Take away more than two hits, two blows
She heard my new %#@!, it was new clothes
New golds, carefully Herringbones, and cell-phones
But her friend home, now I'm freakin' two ho's

If ya girl be with' me, somethin' nifty, she prob'ly wanna lick me
I'm the Twista, I flame a ho pissy drunk and drippy
Damn skippy, gamin' it from a shot of Mississippi, now pimp on

[Hook: to fade]
It's, liike

Sooome-thing's goin' wrong
Something's goooooin' wrong

Guess, we've
Been apart, too long

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