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PIMP C : Havin' Thangs '06 lyrics

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PIMP C lyrics : "Havin' Thangs '06"

(feat. Big Mike)

[Intro: Pimp C]

Huh... had to bring it back for the mutha$#&@in 2006
It's goin down (*##$! (fly hoes and chains and swangin thangs)
Y'all remember that %#@!? (remember that %#@!?) Talkin 'bout?

(Just another young playa havin thangs man...)
Check this %#@! out... uh!

[Pimp C:]
It's really goin down in the God damn South
Young girls poppin #[email protected] with them golds in their mouth

Young boys comin up, layin it down in the cut
Never fallin in a rut 'cause life was made for us to strut (strut!)
Never take for granted, take the bull by the horns (horns!)

Sippin on somethin sweet, blowing green popcorn (corn!)
I'm trill, I'm country 'til the end my ^!$$%
The underdog, young hog, $#&@ the pen my ^!$$%!

But this a waste of bodies (bodies!), a waste of time (time!)
A waste of spirits you amateur, and a waste of mind (mind!)
You ain't really tough 'cause you been dying little fool

Everybody tryna get back to they families on the cool
I rather grip off grain (grain!), get head in the lane (lane!)
You can have them hoes' bodies, I'm possessing they brains (possessing they

Comin up on 'em in a wide body frame
Hoe can't even pronounce the name, I'm out here havin thangs!

[Chorus x2]
Fly hoes and chains and swangin thangs (swangin thangs)

Just another young playa having thangs man... (out here havin thangs)

[Big Mike:]

(Yeah! Big Mike y'all! Yeah!)
From CD sales to jail cells
From diamonds that shine to eatin slop straight up off a chow line

From walkin that fine line uhh, to 12 jurors decidin mine
From bein free, to bein confined
From bein loved, to bein despised, many times I cried

For not allowin that bull%#@! to slide
It was a pill that I couldn't swallow ? loaded the strap with the hollows
After takin to the head a whole bottle

I did that, not thinkin twice about the consequences
'Til I served damn near 4 years behind the fences
All my folk were like, "Big Mike, you trippin"

"Get it together," if I could I woulda done somethin different
Uh! From G-walkin to slippin, yeah, to flippin them caliper pagers
Day after day, sweatin 'em out in them cages

Patiently waiting on the day when I can.. get back at it
Work that magic, collect that cabbage, I gotsta have it

[Chorus x2]

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