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PIMP C : Gotcha Mind Right (feat. Cory Mo) lyrics

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PIMP C lyrics : "Gotcha Mind Right (feat. Cory Mo)"

Now getcha mind right, baby you a siiimmmppp
And I'ma real hot undercover piiimmmppp [x4]

[Pimp C: over Hook]
Uhhh... Tony Snow knalmtalkinbout? Tony Snow (*##$!

Young Pimp, Young Pimp! Sweet Jones! Yes it is, it's goin down!
Uh! Huh! Dedicated to Fat Pat, Lil' Daddy knalmtalkinbout?
Big Dog and Biz... Baby Looney

[Pimp C: singing]
I'm so throwed in the game

Gettin my paper, takin over they brains
The drank over the ice is so cold
Pulled up to the light and light my diner, strike a pose

These ^!$$%z in this game they wanna stop the Pimp
Don't wanna see me comin up and flyin like a blimp
I think they feel like I'ma threat

But I'ma old school mother$#&@in vet
So getcha mind right!

[Hook: Pimp C]
Uh! Pimp C, Sir James
Y'all can't fade this country thang

^!$$% in "The Source" tried to hate on me
but (*##$ I got the whole South ridin wit' me (ridin' wit me!)
Ask this ^!$$% Jeezy, (*##$ I'm the truth (I'm the truth!)

Me and Short Dog go and smoke in the coupe
I'm talkin 'bout Too $hort not that fake ^!$$% (uh!)
The rap game full of all you fake ^!$$%z (fake ^!$$%z!)

^!$$% in ya booty gettin raped ^!$$%
if you ever take a trip upstate ^!$$% (state ^!$$%!)
I don't wanna see them ^!$$%z in the city

His gal head was good but her #[email protected] was %#@!ty (#[email protected] was %#@!ty!)
That's right ^!$$%, I flipped ya (*##$ (flipped ya (*##$!)
She a three-way freak, every hoe take a dick

Sent her on a mission, go hit that lick
Ya dick is so weak and my game is so slick


[Cory Mo:]

Yeah, uh.. getcha mind right ^!$$%, act like y'know
Cory Mo pimpin that pen with Tony Snow
Once again in the lab with a pen and a pad

I'm been payin my dues since early '94
Me and Mike, Moe both got a wall full of plaques (plaques!)
Ten car garage and it's all full of 'llacs ('llacs!)

Front to the back, Seville to the fleet
Can't miss me (*##$, keep a ear to the street (huh!)
Gotta trunk full of beef for you hoe $$# ^!$$%z (hoe $$# ^!$$%z!)

I'm eleven steps ahead of you slow $$# ^!$$%z (slow $$# ^!$$%z!)
Gotcha gal on my team and she kiss my pinky ring
Everytime I tell her to, "^!$$%, who the hell is you?"

I'ma underground king with a hell of a slang
Pimpin and pampering women with a hell of a game
I'm tellin ya man, I'm making some incredible change

So getcha mind right hoe, stay the hell outta my lane hoe
(get the hell outta my lane hoe!)

[Hook: x1/2]

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