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PIMP C : Cheat On Yo Man lyrics

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PIMP C lyrics : "Cheat On Yo Man"

(feat. Mannie Fresh, Webbie & Suga)

[Chorus: Mannie Fresh]

If You Wanna Get Ahead Baby,
Stick To The Plan, If You Wanna Get Ahead Baby, Cheat On Yo Man,
If You Wanna Get Ahead Baby,

Stick To The Plan, If You Wanna Get Ahead, Hey, I'll Show You

[Verse 1: Pimp C]

I Aint Really Tryin To Break You And Yo ^!$$% Up, I'm Just Tryin To Get Paid And Put Some Dick Up In Yo Butt, Im Glad You Got A Man You Can Givin Me Drama, You Could Be His Maid And Yet Pimp His Momma, Ive Seen Ya On Fandrin, Grippin In A Honda, I Was In A Big Toy Goin To A Conference, I Still Put It On The Edge Like John Vito, Choppin Blaze On Da Edge Lik Dat Boy C-Note, You Can Choose Or Get Down With Some True %#@!, Or Snooze And Loose Instead Of Out There Payin' Due's, (*##$, And ^!$$% Need To Take You To Exotic, Gold Hollow In It Cuz Girl Your Wrist Lookin' Solid, Cluster-Rings Aint What Its About, But He Got Twenty-Thousand Dollors Worth Of Diamonds In His Mouth, His Truck On 24's, In Yo Car Ridin Daddy, If You're Breakin' Fo His Safe Then Bring Dat %#@! Over To Jazze,


[Verse 2: Suga]
Now I Dont Really Care What You Talkin About, Unless You're Talkin Bout Me, Put A Cat In Your Mouth, Im Sick Of You ^!$$%s Thinkin Yo $$# Is Hot, When You Livin Off Ya Broad Thinkin Is All Ya Got, So (*##$ Get A Trick Wit A Wedding Rang, Keep It 100, His $$# Will Get Ya Everythang, But Dont Change At The Crib, Stay The Same Way, Gave It To Him Like Yo $$# Bey'once, Stacked In Snacks, Until Ya Next ^!$$% Upgrade, Stay Paid, And Keep Away From The (*##$ Maid, Make Sure You Never Let A Good Man Down, Keep Him Up, Keep It Up And He'll Stay Around, So When Ya Out Wit Ya Man And And He Roll Up, Turn To Him, Twink Dat Eye And Twick Dat $$# Up, So When Ya Out Wit Ya Man And And He Roll Up, Turn To Him, Wink Dat Eye And Twick Dat $$# Up,


[Verse 3: Mannie Fresh]
Love Ain't Nothin But A Four Letter Word, Got Your Girl Doin Tricks And A Thunder Bird, Cart-Wheel, How The Deal, Lyin Dead On The Thang, And She So Turned On By This Big-Ass Rang, Still Make Alotta Money With The Medeocher Skillz, Push A Old School Chevy With Some Big-Ass Wheels, If You Know Better, Show Better, Give Her The Winner, Your Man Aint Nothin But A Luxury Dinner, Ya Be $#&@ed Up, And Ya Rent Ain't Paid, All Ya Bills Behind, And Ya Sex Life Dead, Ya Dude So Straight, You A Big-Ass Dream, Pack Ya %#@! Young Lady And Be A Part Of My Team, What You Know About Slidin On Barre With Flows, I Can Fix From The Hair, To The Nails, To The Toes, We Can Get Together, Sit Together, Kick It And %#@!, Thats Alll You Gotta Do Is Let A Real ^!$$% Hit,

[Chorus: x4]

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