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Phineas And Ferb : Mom Look lyrics

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Phineas And Ferb lyrics : "Mom Look"

Candace: Mom, look, don't roll your eyes at me
Mom, look, just come over and see
Mom, look, it shouldn't be so hard

Mom, look, they built it in the backyard
Candace: Once they made it winter in June
Linda: I didn't see it

Candace: Built a rocket to the moon
Linda: I didn't see it
Candace: Mom, they cause me so much pain!

Linda: Now, Candace...
Candace: Once they even gave me Perry's brain
Linda: Oh for crying out loud...

Candace: They built a submarine, a time machine
A haunted house that made me scream

Drove cattle through the mall
Built a giant bowling ball
Blew me up to fifty feet

A chariot dragged me down the street

(Candace stops to catch her breath)

(La la la la la la la la)

Candace: Made their stupid clothes a fashion craze

Shoelace tips a household phrase
Shot me through a circus tent
Always asked where Perry went.

A lava flow destroy my face
A giant roller derby race
Thawed a caveman out of ice

Built a roller coaster twice

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