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Phineas And Ferb : Ain't Got Rhythm lyrics

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Phineas And Ferb lyrics : "Ain't Got Rhythm"

So your saying that you don't have rhythm
But look at what you're doing right there
With that stamp and a book you've got a real nice look

Looks to me like you've got rhythm to spare

I have no idea what your talking about

I've got as much rhythm as that chair
What happened to me was a tragedy
But I don't have to be a millionare

Look I got a sweet deal going on here
I've got all the books that I can read
With these sweet old ladies and this carpet from the 80's

What more could a librarian need?
Besides I ain't got rhythm
No I ain't got rhythm

I ain't got rhythm
I ain't got rhythm

Your kidding me right, your kidding me
Don't you see what you were doing right then
That's a wicked groove you were starting to move

Mr., you got rhythm times 10

I think perhaps that your not listening

I find it tedious to repeat
It's no big deal
I just can't keep time

I'm just telling you I lost the beat
I don't need my face on t-shirts
Or hit a power-chord guitar

They were screaming my name
I guess it's a shame
But I don't need to be a rock star

Besides I ain't got rhythm
No I ain't got rhythm
I said I ain't got rhythm

I ain't got rhythm (3x)

Sounds like rhythm to me

I ain't got rhythm

Seems like they all agree

I ain't got rhythm

But your laying down some funky song

I ain't got rhythm

But you got that beat

I ain't got rhythm

Look at them, their stomping their feet

I ain't got rhythm

It's time for you to rock a brand new generation
Gonna rock a brand new generation

Cause I ain't got rhythm

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