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Peter Bjorn and John : Stay This Way lyrics

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Peter Bjorn and John lyrics : "Stay This Way"

I don't wanna grow up

[Verse 1:]
When it's time to pay bills
I wish I was a kid again

Carefree, no worries, I'm rememberin'
Summertime, in the park, I'm considerin'
Takin' a walk down memory lane

I'm addicted to change, but growin' wasn't necessary
Big Wheels, Hot Trax, those are legendary
Momma showered me with gifts every February

I can see it now, cookin' a meal
First day and I will
Come back lookin' fresh

Tryin' to imitate us but you look a mess
There was quite a few shorties that I impress
I was hype to cop a feel, never mind sex

Use to sneak to get a call, we ain't have text
Grand mama told me, "Go be your best."
I enjoyed childhood, I must confess

What I remember most?
Havin' no stress

[Chorus: Peter Bjorn & John]
Cause it makes me happy
I don't wanna grow up

Cause it makes me happy
I don't wanna grow up

[Verse 2: Phil Nash]
Runnin' round all day and then my feet I rest
Every week turn into T.G.I.F.

Back then I wasn't even tryin' to be fly yet
I was raised by Detroit's east side yes!
No swimmin' trunks, gotta get my Levi's wet

Do you like me? Circle one, reply "Yes"
Makin' beats on the table that I eat my break-fast
Momma used to put syrup in my grits

Me and sis supposed to be sleep
She hears, has a fit

Asks, "Who's makin' noise? " Out of fear I had to snitch (it wasn't me)
I wasn't usin' curse words but I kinda knew
What was goin' on, use to sneak in, watch Comic View

Playin' GoldenEye N64
John flunked twice man, he's bout to be 6'4"
Overcrowded public schools, they would fit us in

Man what I wouldn't give to be a kid again


[Verse 3: Chaundon]
Before I had a con-glom-erate

I was on that wonder rhymer tip
Captain Kangaroo, Doctor Who, I was watchin' it
First grade, Knight Rider lunch box

Had a crush on Anna Columbie, wondered if she loved me
Memories of recess playin' freeze tag
Play fightin' with my best friend and rip my Lee patch

Hit the store, penny candy galore
Paper bag over flowin', momma yellin' "Good Lord! "
Beg my sister for a couple of quarters

To play Galaxia, Galaga and Mario Brothers
I was the king of the arcade, kept the highest score
Had to leave, "Naw chill cause I'm on the last board! "

Wishin' I could turn back the hands
Or at least five minutes before I became a man

Cause as a kid I had fun everyday
As a grown up all I got is bills to pay


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