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PETE ROCK : That's What I Am Talking About lyrics

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PETE ROCK lyrics : "That's What I Am Talking About"

(feat. Rell)

[Pete Rock:]

Ugh here we go again, ugh my ^!$$% Rell, Pete Rock 07, yeah sing it

[Chorus: Rell & Pete Rock adlibbing]

Well now that's what I'm talkin' about
That's all I really need in my life
Is your beautiful face & good music to take us through the night

Well now that's what I'm talkin' about
So everybody put 'em up in the air & let the records play
So we can lose it somethin' up in here

[Pete Rock:]
At the end of the show we gon' grab a bite to eat

Mad at your man it's alright to cheat baby girl
Lemme make you feel better rub your back
Your feet give a lil' cheddar when we get together

Your worries go away, anything that you want
I go & get today put it on my bill maybe
Even my name people play a lot but it's not a game

Relationships the same & people interacting
Got a little more attention when I started rapping
She left me a voicemail & text

Then she came right out & said she wanted some sex
I said boo my love is unconditional
Kinda like Lauryn Hill's it's unintentional

Not a epic saga or a motion picture we gon party tonight
Because tomorrow I'll miss ya


[Pete Rock:]

Put your drink down & hit the dance floor
The way these chicks look I wanna dance raw
We could do it, until they turn the lights on

We could do it, until they play the right song
We could do it, 'till everbody's gone
Need a little time for us to be alone, seen the way you shake it

Now I wanna hear you moan, stop acting immature
Talkin' about you grown, when it's time to get it crackin'
Just make sure you ready don't be acting all scary

Like you just seen Freddy, baby girl it won't hurt
Like Biggie Smalls said "Miss what's under that skirt? "
It's a lotta pretty ladies that I seen on the daily

Nice soap bubbles & cuter than Halle Berry
I'm not here to ice grill or gun fight, just enjoy yourself & love life



That's what I'm talking about
That's what I'm talking about, me & you working it out
Sippin' on drinks no doubt, that's what I'm talking about

Put 'em up in the sky, baby girls
It's alright
We gone ride out tonight

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