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PETE ROCK : Rock Steady Part II lyrics

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PETE ROCK lyrics : "Rock Steady Part II"

(feat. Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz)

[Peter Gunz]

I started with, 'The New York ^!$$%z got crazy game'
And drove the whole mother$#&@ing world insane
I been rolling with my man P.R. since the C.L.

This is my favorite rap producer ^!$$% on the DL
From mount vern to bx flossin in the G.S.
Switchin lanes tossin made game to your (*##$

Playing the averix? and the Pepe's
No shirt on your girl sweat me and I'ma hit it if she let me
I got my man Pete on the co and that's my dark side

For y'all ^!$$%z that don't know the red bone player
^!$$%s in the Bronx call me mayor
Maybe because they know I never pay her

Look in your girl phone book it leaves you speechless
Open my number - instead of Peter reads Peaches
Can't be reached beacause I'm reachless none'll lease this

A fact that I'm black and breechless money peep this
Ya see even on my block I got to watch my back
Because certain sheisty mother$#&@ers know I'm rolling with Shaq

And plus I am tall and slim with the joker grin
I bet ya girl knows ^!$$% who the $#&@ I am

One two rock the house
Come on help me turn it out
I'm getting down for mine so get down for yours

Sending this one out rock steady no doubt


[Lord Tariq]
Yo $#&@ whut them ^!$$%z said there ain't no end to my road

Of yellow bricks being sold to keep me out of the cold
And it's a pity my lingo causes quakes in New York City
Many cases got acquitted cause my lawyer's far from %#@!ty

Henney rock sippin city block rippin through your vest
Guess who bring your best crew and your techs too
Cause i gets much liver Lord Tariq

I'm one of the fiercest 85ers kicks no jiver
Because I am a survivor and my rhymes are legal tender
Giving your (*##$ $$# something to remember

So do not return to sender as you enter the Lord's house of prayer
Bow down and say it M.B.P. because I'm your Money Boss Player
I got mad bonanza money marks franc and yen

Enough power to take your crew of soldiers flunk 'em in the end
Who you is and where you been ^!$$% frontin on the run
But it's done I call you son cause you act like one ... Whut

[Chorus x2]

[Pete Rock]
Aye yo world premier uptown in riot gear
Hall of fame plus all-star game rap career

Got the golden gloves all my ^!$$%z show love
It's Pete Rock y'all same as it ever was
In the Ba!@&(t treats and prolific beats

Hardcore for the streets take no defeats
My state of the art I demonsrate with heart
Super rap heroes and legendary parks

We battle for a name graffiti tag the "a" train
Rock steady blood flows deep in the veins
So inject the dope inhale the smoke

Fine tune ya scope for the great black hope
Is back on the scene with the ill team
Open your eyes for hip hop's visine ... Clear va vision

[Chorus x2]

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