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PETE ROCK : Respect Mine lyrics

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PETE ROCK lyrics : "Respect Mine"

(feat. O.C.)

[Verse One:]

The renassance man no gat in my hand
Episode numero uno check out the man

Spread a verse like a thesis or a virus
Open the iris ^!$$% I'm the individual you can't get rid of
Prominent aura dominant moral islamic

Amazing phenomenon like Haley's Comet
Ya gettin headaches from this bull%#@!
I'm the anisthetic to cure %#@!

$#&@ that cut up %#@! I be that pure %#@!
Expedition thoughts are truck
My mind shine like bins spinning thoughts

Bright as $#&@, congruent like four sides of a square
I got a surprise in nine-eight, rappers better prepare
Timeless take every letter from the word I adverb

And put it together that ^!$$% O.C.'s quite clever
Always and forever no one can do it better


Respect on the mic we in this for life

For the street thug to my brother with same blood
One love yo sound off the twenty one slug salute
Ways to display the truth

It's Pete Rock and O.C.
It's on point fella
Ain't nothing you can tell us

Word up

[Verse Two:]

Yo I impact the earth like a meteorite magnetic
The P.R./O.C. experiment

Serving justice when we bust this
Ya now instructed to thrust one fist in the air
Regulate the anthem for revolution prepare

For the victorous comeback of the year
Assemble the militia as insert the scripture
Lyrics for the instrumental picture

Graphic in nature respect mics I hold
Certified gold five hundred thousand sold
News flash yo it's hip-hop built ta last

Survivor of the aftermath when guns blast
Waving a white flag while you dressed in drag
Remember what I keep in the trunk of my Jag

Suprise ^!$$% respect due when I deliver


[Verse Three:]

Since day one when I came upon the scene
For this mic I fiend respect played a part before the cream
I figure respect last longer because cream come and go

I done seen five to ten and even fifteen a show and blew it
Now I know now my ill escape is real estate
No more will I make that mistake

Respect is what matters cause that %#@! hold weight

Word up ya gotta earn respect in ninety-eight

Rehabilitate the rap game honor our name
Hold it down to the last frame
No doubt emergency escape route

Take the easy way out if that's what you about
If not then show ya heart
Create light from dark all aboard the Ark

As the rain falis I reminisce on Biggie Smalls
And Tupac the new world is yours
80 pause for the cause

Repect due

[Chorus: x2]

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