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PETE ROCK : Niggaz Know lyrics

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PETE ROCK lyrics : "Niggaz Know"

(feat. J-Dilla)

Woo! Yeah, uh-huh

Uhh, turn it up, turn it up baby
Brand new, world premier
Pete Rock, ahh, Dilla Dawg

Jay Dee, yeah
Bring your crew dawgs

I got a crew we call K-boys - why? Cause we like to get dough
The seaside boy be in the bar watchin hoes get low

Dilla Dawg and Pe-ter, skeet skeet
Spit %#@! on the track like Dog in _Beat Street_
When y'all need heat, just check the credits

Cause Pay J, gon' send a check next day FedEx
Yes J said it ^!$$%, beats for trucks
Goin up in four months, need at least a buck

The way I rock ice you would think my name was Peter
(*##$es tongues out like back in the day in the theatres (woo!)
And the heaters is kept where they supposed ta

Smoke ya like the welcome poster
And Dilla got killers that'll gat your boy like Reese's pop
Keep knots like a crumb snatcher boy

When these two ^!$$%z collab', these ^!$$%z collapse
Cause see it gets no hotter, holla at'cha boy

[Chorus: Pete Rock]
Yeah, I spit fire at that $$#
Many often wonder will hip-hop still last

Cause I'm the one they call the Boy Wonder
$#&@in with J-Dilla, rappin ^!$$%z, know how I feel-a

[Pete Rock]
Yo, this is not child's play
Similar to a gat when my mind spray

I spit rhymes like a pro son, rappin shogun
I lunge at you ^!$$%z with a bolo punch
It's the, Boy Wonder at the cruise control

Are you really ready for some super dynamite SOUL
Relax, let me spark the L
And leave smoke on the track as the tires peel

When I rock what's real ^!$$%z appeal to that
13 in the game, makin classic rap
And stay elusive, a lot of y'all fake-ass ^!$$%z

wish you can do this, passion from the heart makes you true in this
Music, #1 sound, overground
Make haste on the freeway like the Greyhound

And avoid these clowns and let real ^!$$%z know
Pete Rock blast off in 2004, uhh

[Chorus x2]

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