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PETE ROCK : Megan Good lyrics

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PETE ROCK lyrics : "Megan Good"

Featuring: Camp Lo, Geechi Suede, Mac Miller & Sonny Cheeba

[Hook - Camp Lo]

Megan Good
Mary Tyler Moore
Maybe Melba Moore

Sing while Maya dances on the dance floor
Mary Jane, or even Mariah
Might be a queen

Or maybe Maybelline or A Marie or
Tina Marie or
Melody, oh

I just chill 'em 18, y'all

[Geechi Suede]
Brass Barbies
Clashing glasses of scotch

White linin' off the mirror
8 ballin', calling grape schnapps
Pretty marble faces, they lookin' like manakins

Movin' on the porcelain
Under the china ? is in
Show you're right, show you're right

Emeralds ultra bright
Rayon the rubies
Wrapping around the thunder night

They all wanna dance, they all wanna wave
We all wanna sip, we all wanna chase

[Sonny Cheeba]
You like fur
Rub across my collar, does it purr

All these pimps is hysterical
I think they full of scurr
Pass 'em by, I'm in the V twin

Ghostridin' the blur
And rejection don't occur
Call an officer or a fireman

Dr. Feelgood, operates on Angelas, when bush
Call me Sonny Kush, take a puff baby
If that don't get you high

Hit the cliff and hang glide
Love potion number 9
She gonna trip off every line


[Geechi Suede]
Ballerina ball
Beautific Betties get blown

Bar Mitzvah for the blacklist
Iced ceramic wrap her wrist
Watch the fur blitz

Around her curveness
Blue bottle bubbles break at the rim I'm concerned with
Hop your corset out the Corvette

Walk on the water 'til a wave
And then you soakin' wet
? the Lex, stretch the next

Celebrate the scene
Catwalk your Maybelline until it drip clean

[Mac Miller]
I got a (*##$ in my neighborhood
She looks like Megan Good

And everyone around her holler at her
Tryin' to pay for #~!!@
She don't $#&@ with that

Or hit it 'til she hunch her back
She in love with that
That's why she in the kitchen baking cookies

Yeah, she a down $$# (*##$
She said I was her favorite once I found that !@$%
Saw Mary Tyler Moore at the vinyl store before

Said I'd put it in her $$# if she about that %#@!, cause
I need a freak that like to be a geek
Roll blunts of good kush and them that we can chief
She a believer in Jesus, I thought I'd teach her 'bout evil
And have her givin' me head

While we in a room full of people, she nasty
Always talk to my dick, she have a conversation
Put some God in that #~!!@
That's a revelation
Yeah, I like to eat it if it's tasting good

Never spend a dollar on a (*##$, even if it's


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