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I'm sam macaroni
you will do what I say
I'm making youtube movies

So You're gonna do it my way
Jump off a bridge if I tell u to jump
And if I need u here at 6am

You better be up
If I put u in a clown suit
You better not complain

In fact today ur gonna throw yourself in front of a train

I'm not complaining but

I'm always bruised and broken
I'm Not jokin I'm the token guy that's open to whatever so I'm showin up and Davin do this, Davin do that
Yo smash that TV with a baseball bat

Just do it

When I say jump you say how high just do it

I walked into a party
and I took off my pants

Then I started to dance
And let me tell u in advance
Macaroni made me do it

I'd do it and he knew it
He handed me a big $$# heavy mallot
I said screw it

Cause I knew it would be RAD
SMASHED a big !#$# GLASS table
They got MAD

(That was rad)
Glass all over the place
Brad punched me in the face

Had to act fast
Sam asked me to thrash the place

Christmas Party 2010
We didn't know them
But they loved our sweaters

so they let us in
Sipping on some egg nog
That's where it began

A look of understanding
As the tree was glistenin'
Do it dude do it now

Everybody wants to see the tree go down
I got up on the table took the tree to the ground
I got a broken arm but I got laughs all around

Speedin' like a Demon
tryna get to the shoot

macaroni's in a suit
And davin's got a bag a loot.
Chicks walkin' thru in itty bitty bikinis tellin me to put on a skirt

that don't fit me
Even tho it's 40 degrees
and it's freezing

sam macaroni's got me dressin' all sleazy. It's 3am
Take it off
Keep the camera rollin'

Girls don't stop
Now jump in the pool
We're not done yet

Omg I don't wanna get wet

Are u sure this is ok?

Just do it
Run around with these AK's?
Just do it

Got a big gun battle here we go
Just do it
What about the cops I don't know

Just do it
I gotta get this shot let's go I don't care
Put ur guns down get ur hands in the air

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