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PAULA ABDUL : Dream Medley lyrics

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PAULA ABDUL lyrics : "Dream Medley"

Lost in a dream.
I do not know which way to go
Hey baby, you gotta remember,

I'm forever your girl
Ah baby forever, and ever and ever
You know I am

He's a cold hearted snake, look into his eyes
O-oh, he's been telling lies

He's a loverboy, a plague, he don't play by rules
O-oh, girl don't play the fool now
If you tell me where you ? last night

He was out there sneaking
Then he called you up to check that you were with him by the phone
And he looked at candy store, he's been trick-or-treating

When it comes to true love girl, pretend there's no one home
And you've been walking with him along all the lines
And ?. all the while

Take another look into his eyes and you will always see a reptile

You can find somebody bet you girl

He's good cold as ice
And it seems we never, ever agree

You like the movies, I like TV
I like it quiet, and I love to shout
But when we get together, it just all works out

I'll take two steps forward, I take two steps back
We come together cause opposites attract
You know, it ain't fiction, just a natural fact

We come together, We come together
Baby we just always come back cause opposites attract

Straight now tell me do you really wanna love me forever, or is it just a hit and run
Lost in a dream, I do not know which way to go
Let me see if you´re all that you seem

Then baby i am moving (moving) way too slow
I've been a fool before
Wouldn't like to get my love caught in the slamming door

How about some information please

Straight up now tell me

Do you really wanna love me forever? Oh, Oh, Oh
Or am I caught in a hit & run?
Straight up now tell me

Is it going to be you & me together? Oh, Oh, Oh
Or are you just having fun?
Tell me

Please, Please, Oh Please

Do, do you love me?

Do you love me, baby?
Do, do you love me?
Do you love me, baby?

Do, do you love me?
Do you love me, baby?
Do, do you love me?

Do you love me, baby?
Here we go

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