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PAULA ABDUL : Didn't I Say I Love You lyrics

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PAULA ABDUL lyrics : "Didn't I Say I Love You"

Something sweet fills my soul with wonder
Tender arms wrap me in my slumber
Cherished thoughts keep our hearts together

Safe and warm, nothing could be better

I will be there whenever you call me

Didn't I say I love you I will be there to keep your tears from falling
Didn't I say I do

Just a breath passing from your two lips
And I forget everything, I lose it
Just a look makes me feel the madness

In my world no one else will have it


Time may change some things
But you and me will always last forever

Dreams may come and go but we, we know
Will always be together
(Didn't I say I love you, boy)


I will be there no matter what the reason
Didn't I say I love you
I will be there and I will never leave you

Didn't I say I do

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