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PATTI LABELLE : not right but real lyrics

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PATTI LABELLE lyrics : "not right but real"

I used to think that we were
Always gonna be in love
But I was so naive back then

I wasn't wise enough
To know there ain't nothing
In this life that's guaranteed

You take your chances
When you let your heart lead

And heaven knows how much
I wanted to keep loving you
You let me down

When you said some things
That were untrue
So I'm giving you up

Cause there ain't enough
Love in this world
To change my mind

We're out of time
The dream is over

I've got my reasons
For the way that I feel

Suffered in silence
When I had to conceal
My honest emotions

Truth must be revealed
Might not be right but I've just
Got to be real

We could go on forever
Never really letting go

What's the sense in that
When in our hearts we knew
This isn't working

We're on a dead end road

Don't think my back can stand
The weight of the load

And while it's hard for me
To admit we made a mistake
I can't pretend no more

It's too much to take
Time for moving on
Said all I have to say

Won't live a lie
This is goodbye

The dream is over now

And as I walk away

Though I'm leaving
With tears and regrets
There are memories

Of you I will never forget
Shared I will never

But it's time for me to
Do what my heart

Tells me to

I have to be strong

But right or wrong
I'll always love you

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