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PATTI LABELLE : finally got the nerve - miri ben-ari lyrics

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PATTI LABELLE lyrics : "finally got the nerve - miri ben-ari"

Here you come
Walking my way
So much inside me

I wanna say
I've been holding on
For the longest time


Finally got the nerve
To tell you how I feel about you
The nerve

I can't live without you
The nerve
To tell you

What's been on my mind
For a lifetime
I finally got the nerve

I found the words to say
I got the nerve
Can't wait another day

Got the nerve
I don't wanna lose it
This time, noooo...

I'm trying to make
Trying to make a connection

But I'm afraid that there
Might be rejection
On your part

It would break my heart

In a million pieces
Can't go through it (through it)
Another day

I gotta let you know
I feel this way
About you man

I just dream about you
In my life

When you walk by me
My heart skips a beat
I contemplate

The thought of you and me
I get weak for you baby
I can't speak

But that's how it is

I know I gotta, gotta keep it real

'cause you know how
You know how I feel
I'm wanting you

And I'm needing you
Every day

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