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Paris Hilton : Boy Oh Boys lyrics

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Paris Hilton lyrics : "Boy Oh Boys"

Boys, boys, boys
How I love you boys
Green eyed, brown eyed, blue eyed boys

Boy oh boys
I like all kinds of boys

Hey big spender, buy me toys

You can take me to Rodeo

Send me presents in the mail
Need more things, more diamond rings from Tiffany's

You can do my laundry naked
You can bake my birthday cake
I need more boys to mop the floors and man the gates

I'll tell ya how it's gonna be

You've got to keep me satisfied
Don't complain
You've got a lot of work to do

It's not good enough to say you tried

Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Oh Boy, Oh Boys

Boys, boys, boys

How I love those boys
Always making messes
Always making noise

Boy oh boys
Well, yes I am the boss

You'll pay the new girl tax, read my lipgloss

Fly me on your jet to Rome

Talk 'til morning on the phone
Tell me secrets, tell me lies, your desires

When I fall in love with you
I will know your love is true
If I can look you in the eye and trust in you

All my boys ? in blue collars ? got to be loyal
All my boys ? All my 'ballers?

I should be spoiled
All my boys ?on the dance floor
Your moves are flawless just like me...

All my boys in New York City
I don't come cheaply

All the boys ?who think I'm pretty
I'm not so easy
All my boys in Hollywood --you're never gonna get to me

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