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I wish I was strong enough
to lift not one but both of us,
Someday I will be strong enough

to lift not one but both of us,

Ever thought about loosing it?

When your money's all gone and you lose your whip,
You might lose your grip,
When the landlord's tell you that you're due for rent,

And the grass so green on the other side,
Make a kid wanna run straight through the fence,
Open up the fridge 'bout 20 times,

but you still can't find no food in it,
that's foolishness,
Sometimes I wonder,

Why we care so much about the way we look?
And the way we talk? And the way we act?
And the clothes we bought? How much that cost?

But does it even really matter?
Cause if life is an uphill battle,
We all tryin' to climb with the same old ladder,

in the same boat with the same old paddle,
Why so shallow? I'm just asking.
What's the pattern to the madness?

Cause everybody ain't a number one draft pick,
Most of us ain't Hollywood actors,
But if it's all for one, and one for all,

Then maybe one day we all could ball,
Do it one time for the underdogs,
Sincerely yours, from one of y'all

I wish I was strong enough
to lift not one but both of us,

Someday I will be strong enough
to lift not one but both of us,

I can feel your pain,
I could be your anchor,
And I try so hard to be strong enough for you,

but the world gets heavy when you're lifting for two,
I swore it'd be alright, I still promise it is,
and I just kept talking until people started listening,

But the problem with that is people started believing,
Now everybody needs an answer, everybody wants their reason,
Now there's hundreds of stories, and thousands of letters,

and I wanna tell 'em all that's it's gonna get better,
But the nightmare I can't seem to shake in my head
is that I'll lose you in the static of the calls coming in,

What if it was just us? I wonder sometimes,
You know that it kills me when I can't reply,
If we were only alone in our own little place,

I had this crazy idea -- maybe we could runaway,
Maybe just today, maybe you and me,
Maybe we could build a world that nobody else sees,

And I could be the king, and you could be the queen,
And it would never get late, so we'd never have to leave,
And every time it got cold, I'd be the blanket you need,

And you could lay there forever on my shoulder while you sleep,
But that's not real life, it's a distant dream,
and we're still wide awake.

Maybe someday.

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