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^!$$% got it $#[email protected] up, turnin into little ratts
Tryna make it off the rock, getting that, nickleback
Its a fact, my flow dope, fiends all itch and scratch

Pull the scope, if its wrong, ^!$$% shoulda measured that
No time for small talk, only answer if its fat
all my swishers fully packed,

Shirt to go with every hat
promise yall to dead beats, ill even put it on my dad
All your frees are justlike shaq

You got that cheese ? Well heres my mack

I thought youd learn a lesson by now,

^!$$% what the $#[email protected] is this

At the top it gets hard to climb down

So im aiming for the $#[email protected] tip

& My momma told me do it, but the world told me dont

But the world so empty, and my momma made hope
Who can i i trust, when i keep loosing some bucks
ina room full of people we used to call us

We used to all love, the benefits from this money
Til ^!$$%s got locked up, & ^!$$%s started gettin bloodys
The streets, keept gettin hotter, the nights, kept getting colder

talking amoungst our selves, we'lll get it when we're older
Thats what we all said,
but ^!$$%s said it before, and ^!$$%s ended up dead

Im tryna be different,
This is just a stroke off genious, wait til u see the imagge

You ^!$$%s want kush, we got ounces
You ^!$$%s want cookies, we got pounds

You ^!$$%s want kush, we got ounces
You ^!$$%s want cookies, we got pounds

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