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Overkill : Walk Through Fire lyrics

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Overkill lyrics : "Walk Through Fire"

Wake a little woozy, feeling %#@!ty
Overdone, over tired
Waling like you lose, just %#@!ty, wherever you go

Are you happy with the congregation
Do you find that you always need more
Are you wishing on a constellation

Do you find that your throat's always sore

You know what they needed

You know what they like
You got them believing
That all of it's right

One moment, one man
One time does the best he can

One push and one desire
One time he walk through fire

Got an itty-bitty-%#@!ty-over
Now start the fire
Just enough pity left to start

What you don't want to know
Are you happy with your contribution
Do you find that you always want more

Are you praying for the revolution
Looking forward to your day in court

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