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Overkill : Raise The Dead lyrics

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Overkill lyrics : "Raise The Dead"

Feel the power, rushing forward, it gets into your veins.
Almighty power, building higher, you'll never be the same!
I'm wanting more, I'm getting more of the feelings you can't tame.

I'm the master, you're the [email protected]$(s, are you glad you came!?

The sign of life, your blood is red...

Come with us and raise the dead...!

Electric fusion, no illusion, terror in the night...!

Screaming thunder, white face murder, we complete the fright.
The earth is shaking, ground is breaking, we complete the rite.
The time has come for you to run, now take off in the night...

See the stone above his head...
Rise three days the prophet said...

The sign of life, your blood is red...
Come with us and raise the... dead!

Behind the headstone he is watching you...
Watching every move...
Behind the headstone see the body move...

Come to get fresh blood...!!

Are you glad you came?

Raise the! Raise the! Raise the!

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