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Overkill : I Rise lyrics

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Overkill lyrics : "I Rise"

Voluntary action, leading to the scar upon the face
Planning the reaction, the color, the moment paint the place
In blood, in fire, calling you back home to the demise

In black, desire, calling you, witnessing the rise


God damn this light
Take it out
Let me see what you to hide

The parasite
Has his way
Until the day

I rise

In pure retribution, remorseful as the moment of his birth

In reconciliation, he ponders a solution in the dirt
In blood, in fire, a blessing of the few, immortalize
In black, desire, a calling to the witness of the rise


Awaken, in time
God, self, liberty
Broken into

Pride all over me
Soaring, climbing
Self, god liberty

Broken by ym
Drive to set it free
Fire in my freedom

Hatred in my heart
Long live the kingdom
As the king does fall apart

Back off the ceremony
Count all the flies

Fight through the maggots
To reachthe underly
Pushing to infinty

Laughs replaced by cries
Push into liberty
Sanctify the rise

God damn your light
It's in my eyes
God dman the will to kill me

God damn your pride


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