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Overkill : Hellish Pride lyrics

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Overkill lyrics : "Hellish Pride"

Ain't nobody listening, ain't nobody there
Somebody is screaming this ain't fair
30 pieces glistening, speak up if you dare

That is what the book said if you care
Sheep and god, the fourth, independence,
Waiting to be led

Deep the pain, the sting of dependence
This is what he said

I'll take you all the way,
A lifetime spent in just one day
I'll take you out the other side

It's my hellish pride

Sweet Jesus in the midnight sun

On fire as the day is won
You got to know that it's cold outside
Why don't you come for a ride

I got a hellish pride

Think that something's missing

Or something's just not fair
Somebody is hanging over there
I was at my own christening

I wasn't quite aware
I didn't have the choice to even dare
I fell asleep at night independence

Waiting for the word
In nightmares and deceit of dependence
This is what I heard

I'll take you anyway
Hopeless, faithless, it's okey

I'll take you on the lifetime ride
It's my hellish pride

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