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Overkill : Forked Tongue Kiss lyrics

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Overkill lyrics : "Forked Tongue Kiss"

Long view on the eye a pocketful a pestilence
Got a fistful of momories,a long lost innocence
Hey baby, dead baby devil he embracin' you

With a long forked-tongue-kiss
Suckin' all the life from you
If you need to reach me

I'm broaking one through ten
And if you really need me
Can I get an amen...

Passion on a ??????? gotta get it while it's not
With a self-centered psychopath givin'a lorget-me-not
Rapo me , rape me evrybody gets in line

With a long forked-tongue-kiss
Sucked away the rest of time
Longview in your eye

Seal it with a kiss, you get the...
Long forked tongue kiss
Memory in your fist,you get the..

Long forked tongue kiss
Lay on down in the bad you made
It's a little too late to cry

Or too be afraid
Driven by the high heat, call it love
Driven by the high heat

Of the velvet glove
Call it free-will,call it choice
You know you ain't alone now

There's a swecond voice
When you're not alone
Short view on the eye, a pocketful a' pestilence

With a fistful a' memories, a long lost innocence
B-b-b-baby devil he embracin' you
with a long-forked-tongue-kiss

Suckin' all the life from you

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