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Overkill : Electric Rattlesnake lyrics

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Overkill lyrics : "Electric Rattlesnake"

Just can't win for losing, stare 'em in the eye
An ego made for bruising, a heart that you can't buy
If patience is a virtue, let's set out to sin

I'm all worked up in the desert heat, here I go again
I never seem to smile, you'll find me in the dirt
Your lovable reptile, yeah for what it's worth

I'm poison to your happiness, poison to this song
C'mon down, c'mon down to the ground so we can sing along

Plug me in, yeah, now set me free
I got a two fang grip that you should see
All wrapped up down, 'round your leg

Let me loose, I'm a powder keg
I love you

Than you can take
Make no mistake

I'm an Electric Rattlesnake
Than you can take

A two fang break
Electric Rattlesnake
All curled up, make no mistake

Two fang deep, got skin to break
Plug me in, got to shake and bake
Electric Rattlesnake

Than you can take
No mistake

Electric Rattlesnake

I'm ya satisfaction, give ya skin a glow

The number one attraction, apples packed to go
C'mon down the garden, original sin
Got a two fang bite in the overnight, here I go again

All about just living, living this or that
Shake it up and lay it out, the pigs are getting fat
Bite me as I slither, rape me as I bake

Plug me in baby, then turn me on
I'm your Electric Rattlesnake

Snake bite, color my imagination
In a spiral dream, a hallucination
It comes to me with no reservation

I got the taste, do you mind?
Snake bite, color my imagination
Like a spiral dream of illumination

It fills me up like a medication
I got the taste, do you mind, here I go again

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